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Everest Outdoor Cardio Fitness/Gym Equipment

Everest Overview

The Everest is tamperproof and weatherproof indoo/outdoor cardio fitness machine that provides a biomechanically correct cardio fitness workout.

The EVEREST Cardio Climber takes the basics of indoor fitness equipment and delivers it to the outside world in a tamperproof, durable and weatherproof package.

Compact, cost effective and completely safe, the EVEREST is designed for any fitness level or ability.

Everest Key Features

  • Correct Exercise Bio Mechanics

    Unlike many outdoor cardio fitness machines, the EVEREST is designed with proper exercise bio-mechanices to ensure user safety and reduce the risk of injury.

    The EVEREST fits almost any user ages 13+ with no adjustment needed.

  • Choose Your Own Pace

    The EVEREST Cardio Climber mimics climbing a set of stairs in a continuous motion and allows the users to choose their own step height based on their individual fitness level.

    The resistance and workout intensity is determined by the user's cadence and stroke range.

  • Real Exercise Value

    Continuously climbing stairs is one of the most intense and effective cardio vascular workouts someone can do.

    With the EVEREST, users of all fitness levels will get an intense and effective cardio workout.

Everest Recommended Training Method: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

30 minute workout example. Scale time intervals & sets up or down depending on fitness level or workout time.

  • Start with 3-5 minute warm up at a slow & easy pace
  • 30 seconds high intensity,
    1 minute low intensity (repeat 4 times).
  • 40 seconds high intensity,
    1 minute low intensity (repeat 4 times).
  • 30 seconds high intensity,
    1 minute low intensity (repeat 4 times).
  • Finish with 3-5 minute cool down.

Technical Specifications

  • Width: 77cm
  • Length: 117cm
  • Height: 178cm
  • Weight: 127kg
  • Shipping Weight: 145kg
  • Shipping Dimensions: 122cm wide x 183cm long x 61 cm high

Anchoring Requirements: 4 x concrete anchors with rated “pull out” or “tension” strength of 3400lbs or greater. Anchors must be secured into structural concrete.

Frame & Finish: Constructed of approximately 4.5-6.5mmmm duty steel that is zinc primed and polyester powder coated with UV stabilized colour pigment. All fasteners are tamperproof stainless steel carriage bolts with the locking nuts on the inside of the padlocked centre column.

Standard Colour: Blue Hammertone. Custom colours available for an extra charge.

Everest CAD Drawing


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