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Starena Outdoor Gym Products

Our Outdoor Gym Equipment products are based on solid biomechanics and bring the quality of indoor exercise equipment to the great outdoors.

Outdoor Gym Equipment - Apollo

With a proven history of durability and performance, The Apollo is becoming a favorite of correctional facilities as well as busy outdoor fitness park installations.

Outdoor Gym/Fitness Equipment - Helios

The Science of biomechanics, solid design, and tamperproof construction combine to bring you the Helios outdoor fitness multigym.

Outdoor Gym Equipment - Titan

With no moving parts, the Titan bodyweight multigym is completely tamperproof and was specifically designed for safety

Outdoor Gym Equipment - Vulcan

The Vulcan is an Indoor/Outdoor fitness multigym that provides upper body and core workout using a person's own bodyweight.

Outdoor Gym Equipment - Everest

The Everest is tamperproof and weatherproof indoo/outdoor cardio fitness machine that provides a biomechanically correct cardio fitness workout.

Other Starena Solutions

Starena has a range of solutions and products available. For more information please click one of the boxes.

Stadium & Arena Seating

Starena is an International supplier of stadia and arena seating with offices in Sydney, Athens, Cairo and London as well as over 30 worldwide distributors.

We manufacture in Australia, Greece, Europe, Egypt, USA and China to International ISO standards and we work extensively with Bureau Veritas as independent auditors of our sub-contracting manufacturing partners’ quality and deliverable standards.

Retractable Seating

Retractable seating is rows of multiple tiers of closed deck chair platforms, that store away into a closed position when the area is required to be used for other purposes.

The platforms operate on the retractable principal stacking vertically under the one above, to minimise the floor area, when not in use.

Multi-Purpose Venue Seating & Furniture

Starena has had success for many years within the seating solution market to Stadia and Arenas’, we are committed to the expansion of various new product ranges and we recognise the importance of Multi-Purpose Venue Seating & Furniture. We have created a package of versatile seating solutions via successful international companies, to meet all requirements.

Outdoor Furniture

Our Aluminium/Steel & Artificial Timber Range Furniture includes a range of different styles to meet the needs of different locations and purposes.

Sports Equipment

Starena – as a foremost supplier of seating solutions to Stadia and Arenas’, has taken the decision to enter various new segments of the market place. Starena Sports Equipment is one of these new product ranges. Sporting Equipment plays a pivotal role in the well-being of all types of communities in a variety of ways.

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