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Vulcan Outdoor Fitness/Gym Equipment

Vulcan Overview

The Vulcan is an Indoor/Outdoor fitness multigym that provides upper body and core workout using a person's own bodyweight.

The VULCAN outdoor fitness multi-gym takes the basics of indoor commercial fitness equipment and delivers it to the outside world in a tamperproof, durable, and weatherproof package.

Compact, cost effective and completely safe, the VULCAN is designed for any fitness level or ability.

Vulcan Key Features

  • Extremely Small Footprint

    The Vulcan multigym only measures 44" W and 54"L, which helps you make the most of your space.

  • Completely Tamperproof

    Similar to the TITAN, the VULCAN has no moving parts, pinch points, or entrapment areas.

    Nothing can be removed from the VULCAN making the unit completely tamperproof and safe.

  • Great Value

    Despite being the smallest and least expensive model that Outdoor-Fit manufactures, the VULCAN still delivers Outdoor-Fit's core values. Like all other models, the VULCAN delivers biomechanically correct exercises.

Vulcan Exercises Areas

The Vulcan is built to maximise indoor or outdoor exercise areas, with over 3 exercises available:

  • Chin Up Bar with Assist Footplate Station
  • Dip Station
  • Vertical Abdominal Knee Raise Station
  • Platform Support for Elevated Push Up
  • Platform Support for Single or Double Calf Raise

Technical Specifications

  • Width: 112cm
  • Length: 138cm
  • Height: 216cm
  • Weight: 115kg
  • Shipping Weight: 142kg
  • Shipping Dimensions: 122cm wide x 122cm long x 122 cm high
  • Number of Simultaneous Users: 2

Anchoring Requirements: 4 x concrete anchors with rated “pull out” or “tension” strength of 3400lbs or greater. Anchors must be secured into structural concrete.

Frame & Finish: Constructed of approximately 4.5-6.5mmmm duty steel that is zinc primed and polyester powder coated with UV stabilized colour pigment. All fasteners are tamperproof stainless steel carriage bolts with the locking nuts on the inside of the padlocked centre column.

Standard Colour: Sand Brown. Custom colours available for an extra charge.

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